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The Founders

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Artist 郭美美 [起風了]

Artist By2 [一樣愛著你] 

Artist Vincy 泳兒 [很慣很懶] 

Artist Vincy 泳兒 [打開窗] 

988 Graduation Song [Paper Plane] 
Taiwan SET drama 'Dream High' [Missing You All The Time] 
Taiwan SET Drama 'Dream High' Theme Song [Shining Dreams] 
Movie 'The Gatheing Music [I Love You] 
NTV7 Drama 'Mining Magnate' Theme Song

Movie 'GeMeiLia' Sound Track [你我他一個家] 
Singapore Ollie and Friends Season 3 Jingles 

Stephanie [你知道的] 

Founder of VS II 

Over 30 years beauty experiences

International certified professional beautician such as Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and more

Specialise in customising the treatments for the customers such as eyebrow embroidery, slimming programme, make up and facial

Founder of More Food Company.

It all started with a special sauce created by the mother, Pauline.

It is so tasty and people started to look for it again and agian.

More Food Company now have 2 outlets in Bukit Tinggi and 

Jenjarom. All food and drinks are handcrafted and the ingredients are all freshly picked.

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